Gaby Peters  


  Waeschespinnen Detail  

clothes lines

mechanical objects
2007; clothes dryers (turned upside down), engines, rechargeable batteries;
H ca. 1,95m, radius ca. 2,0 - 3,0 m

"Initially, the many different movements of her objects caught Gaby Peters' interest. In the course of her work, she became fascinated with the relationships between several independently moving and interacting machines. In this way, she developed a large, expansive installation of simultaneously moving rotary clothes dryers, turned upside down, and moving independently of one another, poweredby battery-fuelled motors. Their movements cannot be controlled so that the machines move through the space at their own volition.

The viewers of the installation have to share the exhibition space with the works of art in an unusual manner. Over 6 foot high, the rotary clothes dryers approach not only each other but also the spectators, sometimes even forcing them to move out of way."

Dieter Kiessling