Gaby Peters  
  OPEN Muenster
  OPEN Muenster
  OPEN Muenster  
OPEN at night

automatic installation | 2015 | 84 x 59 x 17cm | powder-coated steelframe, open-sign, LED-blinker, lead recharchable batteries |
developed for Schauraum h|b|f – a project in public space Münster

Foto at night: Thomas Gerhards
Made possible through the friendly support of Martin Schmitz

OPEN is an automat made from powder-coated metal for the Schauraum hbf exhibition project in Münster, Germany, an exhibition in public space in September 2015. OPEN imitates the shapes of self-service vending machines. It also addresses the 24h-open culture of the shops in the area around the station, where the exhibition takes place, with their constantly blinking "Open"-signs. However, this automat cannot be operated in any way. The machine's bright colour (RAL 1021) forms a contrast to the building materials and traffic paints of public space and is more oriented towards the advertising aesthetics of the ubiquitous cheap kiosks and vending machines in the area.

The LEDs in the OPEN sign are on. In the little compartment in the lower part of the machine there are LEDs blinking (left and right) as if the machine is handing out whatever goods might be inside. However, the compartment is sealed with a sheet of perspex and is not accessible for the visitor.

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