Gaby Peters  
  Obsolescence Accelerator (confettimachine)

mechanical installation | 2014 | medium density fibreboard, 10kg confetti, fan, fire prevention caps |
2.10 x 2.00 x 2.00m | Foto source: Hannes Woidich |

Industrially “obsolescence” means as much as “wear out through usage”. The industrial norm DIN 62402:2007 says: “Obsolescence is inevitable and can not be prevented.” However, it can be accelerated through strategies of planned obsolescence like innovation, marketing (psychological obsolescence) and sabotage. The impact of those strategies as a complex net of manipulative operations is all consuming, but remains – quite deliberately – mainly hidden.*

Once the visitor fills confetti into the machine it is blown all over the place. (The machine's secret superhero identity only reveals itself in the shadow on the wall.)

*Based on: Reuß, Jürgen:"Strategies of Planned Obsolescence", Le Monde diplomatique. Edition 12/2014.