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  "The starting point of Gaby Peters' creative process is the movement of objects and machines. In early video works she repeatedly used automated toys, which in their pre-programmed state already create an illusion of human behaviour. [...]
Her carefully crafted machines employ a minimalist formal language, as autonomous art objects and also as nihilistic machines with no anticipated output. In them, the understanding of machines as purposeful, functional and useful apparatuses is lost in the absurd. [...]
Other works of the artist are more reduced and fragmented, like three-dimensional sketches in space. These different approaches to work show the diversity in the artist's œuvre: from anthropomorphized mechanical toys, to noncompliant machines, to sketchy prototypes: The focus of artistic interrogation is the technically constructed object and its relationship to man.
Arne Reimann (curator)

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current artist publication (2019)

Gaby Peters – The Certainty of the Machine


Gaby Peters – machines – part 2 – selected installations
Gaby Peters – machines – part 1 – selected installations

artist folder (2016)

Gaby Peters – things

artist publication (2012)

Gaby Peters – still confused but on a higher level


Julia Höner // KAI 10 Düsseldorf // excerpt from: Thing Dynamics // In: Gaby Peters, Nina Nowak (Eds.), Thingness – über die Dinge // publication accompanying the exhibition at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, 2016

James Hutchinson // My Nose Has No Dog
Text for the catalogue of the DEW21 Art Award solo show in the Museum of Art and Art History Dortmund, 2012

Susanne Schulte // The Plate-Spinning Machines
GWK - Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Westfälischen Kulturarbeit, Münster, 2011

Michael Pohl // myality
text for the solo show myality at Initialraum, Münster, 2007